RDV For Social Distancing

• 1 min read • Ali Ben Messaoud

As we adapt to what has been stamped “the new normal”, long-standing habits have been redefined to fit present social restrictions. One well-known change is how we attend public spaces...

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Lazy evaluation in Java

• 6 min read • Ali Ben Messaoud

Lazy evaluation is a strategy that delays the evaluation of an expression until its value is asked. The reverse is eager. Programming languages are classed into strict and lazy. As...

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Micro Frontends, The New Microservices

• 4 min read • Ali Ben Messaoud

In the last years, microservices have got much attention. Several companies adopted them, allowing teams to scale various applications independently and quickly and bypass large monolithic backends’ constraints. Sadly, we’ve...

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First Quarkus Microservice

• 7 min read • Ali Ben Messaoud

Supersonic and subatomic! That’s the first time I’ve heard about it in May 2019. What is Quarkus? Quarkus is a powerful enterprise programming stack for building Java applications that deal...

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Do You Want to Test Like a Pro?

• 10 min read • Ali Ben Messaoud

Today’s post is a set of notes from Vicor Rentea about testing and doing it like a pro. This overview is a reference for myself, and I’ve just put it...

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DDD - Architectures

• 2 min read • Ali Ben Messaoud

DDD is not architecture. DDD is an approach to building software with a focus on the domain. Moreover, by “driven-design”, we mean mindset to adopt so we can build domain...

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Go Reactive

• 30 sec read • Ali Ben Messaoud • via blog.arolla.fr

This article is about the Reactive programming paradigm. If you want to know more about what is the link between this paradigm and the other paradigms (imperative, declarative, functional), should...

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The Strangler Fig Pattern

• 3 min read • Ali Ben Messaoud

Since ages ago, humans used to observe and learn from nature to deal with life. A fig tree wraps around other old trees and replaces them. In this context, the...

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Aws Cloud Practitioner Preparation And Exam Notes

• 35 min read • Ali Ben Messaoud

Step 1 To start, try to read whitepapers to know more about AWS infrastructure. Read-only from AWS whitepapers page https://aws.amazon.com/whitepapers/. This exam will be about these domains: Domain Domain %...

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Hexagonal Architecture in Java

• 12 min read • Ali Ben Messaoud

In this article, we’ll talk about Hexagonal Architecture, and we’ll build a Java app to illustrate its concepts. For many years, I worked on projects where the business logic and...

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