RDV For Social Distancing

As we adapt to what has been stamped “the new normal”, long-standing habits have been redefined to fit present social restrictions. One well-known change is how we attend public spaces during these restrictions. Among these new limitations or habits, social distancing is encouraged by many governments. Social distancing has been introduced to reduce the spread of infection and to avoid unnecessary social gatherings.

To help ensure this purpose, this app’s central idea is to provide a service to make an appointment before going to any store or a place.

Google Maps offers real-time Popular Times on a location section that lets users see real-time live visit information, wait times, and typical visit duration.

So the idea is to let stores or any on-site service create a calendar on this app and set up slots of visits and the maximum number of visitors by slot each day. Then, the visitors need to book a slot and must show up at the chosen time.

The app is composed of a back-office app for stores to manage calendars, hours, slots, visitors, and a public app for visitors to make and manage an appointment.

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