Java Updates Guide

This page aims to tell and keep a log about updates in Java. Java is adopting a new cadence-based release cycle of the new releases and versions, and if you haven’t caught up yet – this is a good place to start. You can come back after each release to read and know more about it.

Last update: 2021.03.17 *

A word about the new Release Cycle

Now, a Java version arrives every six months, and this speeds up the development of Java. It is a good idea on its own but can confuse people that got used to waiting for a new Java version to be released after years and not six months. We’re also more expected to see new types of features labeled Preview, Incubating, and Experimental and an LTS versions will be released each three years.

Java 9, 21 September 2017

Java 9 features 81 JEPs.

Java 10, 20 March 2018

Java 10 features 12 JEPs and various small API additions.

Java 11, 25 September 2018

Java 11 is the first LTS release and includes 17 JEPs.

Java 12, 19 March 2019

Java 12 features 12 JEPs.

Java 13, 17 September 2019

Java 13 features 5 JEPs.

Java 14, 17 March 2020

Java 12 features 16 JEPs.

Java 15, 15 September 2020

Java 15 features 14 JEPs.

Java 16,

Java 16 features 17 JEPs.

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