SOLID / IDEALS - Microservice Design Principles

As developers, we build software and make decisions daily that can influence our code and the system’s design. Small changes in the code can result in bugs. For these reasons, we should follow SOLID Principles. And at the project level, the same thing can happen to result in a bad design and failures. We are making decisions at this level matter, especially with an ever-increasing number of tools, frameworks, platforms around microservices.

SOLID can help a developer to write better code. So what about the project level and application design? Some of the SOLID principles apply to microservices but don’t cover the whole spectrum of design decisions for microservices applications. Thus, the SOLID principles for microservices are IDEALS.

“DEALS” are core principles for microservice design:

Following the IDEALS is not a magic elixir that will make a microservice design successful. As always, we need to have a good understanding of design patterns and architecture tactics.