Deliver Better Software, Faster

Software Development is a complicated process where it is difficult to predict delivery. We saw and will continue to see examples of projects failing because the original deadline wasn’t realistic, and teams were set just to run up against these deadlines. This can discourage the customers when it overruns the schedules as it results in late delivery. To avoid these basic and simple pitfalls, companies have adopted different strategies to deliver faster. But the delivery is not the only thing to consider in this process. Quality is important too. Moreover, it is a mindset to adopt in all the teams rather than a list of patterns to follow and apply. In this entry, we’ll speak about “Deliver Better Software Faster”.

Let’s examine the three parts of this important idea:

Software is like an iceberg – 90% of it is not visible. The primary complexity in the application lies in the difficulties of software projects. Adopting “Deliver Better Software Faster” as a guiding principle can help find and fix all the places that need work or enhancement.