2020 in Review

An overview of what I accomplished in 2020 and a bit about my goals for 2021.

First, let me say that I’m sorry for the persons whose lives have been flipped upside down by COVID-19. Yes — we thank God for everything, Alhamdulillah, ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ‎, including things that appear bad. Please keep wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and frequently wash hands.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in ways we could hardly have imagined. Everyone has been affected and everyone has a story to share.

Many situations and stories come in mind when I think back to my first days in lockdown!

After all 2020 bad or not bad, it is life!

So what’s coming up in 2021?

Honestly, I feel optimistic. Again, expectations are high.

I say, new year, new Me…

Anyway, I have a lot of ideas for things I’ll be working on in 2021. Here are some of them:

  1. Improve myself
  2. Learn from fail or success
  3. Repeat step 1

Stay strong and optimistic.

Good luck!